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Social WiFi made safe and easy

Friendly WiFi Approved Provider Small long3When your customers visit you, they expect to be able to access free WiFi.
Wireless Social provides a simple way to turn the cost of supplying secure public WiFi hotspots into a powerful marketing tool that:


  • Boosts your social media profile
  • Strengthens customer loyalty
  • Promotes your business through social media
  • Increases revenues

The Social WiFi solution that people really 'like'facebook like5

Most people know that their business should benefit from social media, but are not sure how to do it. Wireless Social is an amazingly simple and powerful WiFi hotspot that propels your business to the forefront of social media marketing. 

Facebook ‘likes’ are a vital part of social media success. So imagine the power of getting a Facebook ‘Like’ from everyone who uses your WiFi, and then being able to send them friendly messages, updates and promotional offers. This is what you get each time someone logs onto your WiFi using the social WiFi login

Twitter users will ‘Tweet’ about you and you’ll get a ‘Follow’ on LinkedIn - giving you constant promotion to all of their followers and connections.



Your Social Media Marketing Gold Mine

Wireless Social have WiFi solutions to suit all different types and sizes of businesses, from large multi-nationals to small independents, including hotels, bars & clubs, retailers, shopping centres, leisure businesses, holiday parks, soft play centres, apartments, hairdressers, sports centres, and many more.

The online portal allows you to view stats on your customers and profile the data by demographics, date or when / how often they visit you.

The portal is also your social media marketing tool where you can send and schedule messages and tweets to targeted segments of your customers.


WiFi Hotspot In A Box

wifi routers drawingGetting started with Wireless Social could not be easier. We send you the WiFi router which simply plugs into your broadband and your hotspot is ready to use! The Wireless Social package also includes:

  • Customisable WiFi log in page
  • Social WiFi log in - customers log on using their social media accounts
  • Email marketing tool
  • Customer analytics reporting
  • Easy install
  • On site Promotional material – stickers, flyers
  • Technical support

All this for just £25 per month, plus a one-off £99 for the WiFi router.

We will customise our solution to meet the needs of your business, depending upon the size and layout of your premises, number of sites and number of users.

Not got broadband on site? No problem we can help you with that as well.


Enterprise Solutions

The differing requirements of large businesses can be met with our enterprise solutions. Our expert team can build WiFi solutions that cover large premises and multiple sites. For example, large sites, or physically separate sites may require more than one router, or separate access points to extend the range of your Free WiFi network.

Our online portal is easily configured to enable you to manage data and social media marketing from multiple sites.



WiFi News & Updates

Web Safety and your Wi-Fi

Web Safety and your Wi-Fi

News about the work of the IWF improving web safety and how Wireless Social helps businesses comply with the law.

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