Social Wi-Fi Technical FAQs

The standard social Wi-Fi product that most of our customers use is very simple and requires very little technical knowledge. But to make sure we provide exceptional customer support we have our own dedicated technical support team.

Here we cover some of the main FAQs we receive along with the answers that gets our social Wi-Fi working so easily.

I’ve got my social Wi-Fi router, what do I do now?

Once you have unboxed your router follow the steps below:

Take the network cable provided and plug one end into the first port of our router, and then the other end into one of the network sockets on your Internet Providers router.

If you are using an Access Point plug that into one of the other ports in our router and turn power on.

Turn on the router and connect to your new Wi-Fi.

Log on to the Wi-Fi with Facebook, (or other social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram,  LinkedIn) and you’re online.

Make sure you let your customers know you now have Free Wi-Fi, and they don’t need a password!

I’ve got an existing setup with a firewall, is there anything that needs doing?

We require two ports to be made available, this enables our router to connect back to our servers and work properly.  If these ports are closed users may struggle to log on or may not be able to log on at all.

Ports 80 and 443 should be open for web browsing.

Ports 1812 and 1813 need to be open for our authentication and to allow the router to communicate with our servers

How do I extend my Wi-Fi coverage to the rest of my property?

There are several ways to do this; you can use Powerline Adaptors and Access Points.  Generally speaking if you have access to technical support for your business they should be able to set these up for you quite easily.

If you don’t have access to support, then the setup is quite easy but requires a few steps

Purchase a set of Powerline Adaptors, these should come in twin packs initially (the two plugs are then configured to work together).

Purchase an Access Point (any will do, we recommend a TP-Link one)

Follow the setup instructions for the Access Point (you need to make it broadcast with your Wi-Fi network name).

Plug in one Powerline Adaptor near your router; attach Port 4 from our router to the Powerline Adaptor cable (supplied)

Plug in the Powerline Adaptor near where your Access Point will be sited, attach the network cable to the Powerline Adaptor and to the back of the Access Point.

Make sure everything is turned on and then connect to your Access Point Wi-Fi (if it’s got the same name as your existing one make sure you’re not in range of our router).

Log on socially just like your customers will.

Can I connect my existing Wi-Fi Access Point(s) to the network

Yes – our social Wi-Fi routers are configured to allow you to connect existing access points, any free port on our router.  Once you have done this you should call us so that we can ensure the Access Point has connected successfully.  Any device (mobile, tablet etc.) connecting to Wi-Fi via your access points once they are connected to our router in this way will be asked to log on socially.  

So if you already have an extensive Wi-Fi reach around large premises your existing infrastructure can stay in place and simply work through our social Wi-Fi router.

I see the splash page but trying to use Facebook it just pauses, I see a spinny but then it goes back to the splash page

Two things can cause this behaviour – both usually easily fixable

The internet connection is blocked by a firewall, this happens with some routers, especially if you had an existing network setup by a technical person.  Just get that person to allow traffic to/from ports 1812 and 1813 to get access.

You Facebook page is not a company page – or we haven’t been able to setup your Facebook log on properly.  Facebook provides some guidelines on how to change your page, you need to follow these, but be aware you will lose existing likes and comments (might be easier to setup a new business one from scratch).  If it is a business page (has a like button – not an ‘add a friend’) then let us know the URL and we will check our systems to ensure we have linked correctly.

My phone cannot see your wireless network when I am just a few meters away?

Some physical objects can interfere with the signal, for example steel girders will create a “dead zone”. You can overcome this by relocating your router or Access Points.

If you are very close to the equipment you may find is works better from a little bit further away.  Some Wi-Fi equipment can be quite powerful, and mobile devices will operate better from a little further back.  Try using it in the same location as your customers will.

I have a network that works through a switch; can I still use your solution?

Yes, you should give us a call so we can make sure you are on the right plan for your network.


I have a VOIP network; can I still use your router as well?

Yes, however you need to ensure your data (web traffic) is kept separate to your VOIP traffic. Normally this is built into your provider’s router you can then dedicate one port of that device to provide the network to our router.  Our router can then access the internet and your VOIP traffic will continue to be served by the existing setup.

Please note that if you cannot separate out the VOIP traffic from your data traffic then our standard solution will not be for you.  We do have other solutions which will work however, please get in touch for more information.

Do you provide technical support?

Yes – our dedicated social Wi-Fi technical support team are always on hand to offer advice or diagnose any problems you have.

Pre-sales - we provide expert pre-sales technical advice to make sure you get the right solution for your situation from the start.

Installation – we provide simple documentation that covers most common installs. For larger businesses that may have multiple sites and / or a complex existing network we offer an installation service and provide all the back-up required.

On-going support – our technical support team is always on hand to iron out any problems.

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