Social Wi-Fi Technical Support

Wireless Social prides itself in its ability to provide outstanding technical support for its social Wi-Fi. In fact we have a specially trained team who are always on hand to get your social Wi-Fi up and running, and to keep it that way.

With a product designed to work as easily as ours, most technical issues are very easily resolved and are normally sorted out with a quick phone call. This is especially the case with smaller, single venues that use our simple plug and play solution.

Most day-to-day issues are covered in our technical FAQs page and are easily sorted with a minimum of technical knowledge.

Technical Support of Large Companies

For larger companies with multiple sites and a more complex technical infrastructure we may need to speak to your IT manager to understand your systems and how best to integrate with them. In some cases we may also need to conduct a site survey in order to fully understand your needs and so propose the most cost-effective solution.

Wireless Social is able to assist in large installations across multiple sites throughout the UK. We will make sure that any new installations are successfully up and running and resolve any issues that may occur by getting to the root cause of any problems.

Pro-Active Social Wi-Fi Support

We routinely monitor our customer account activity so we can easily spot where there may be a problem. For example, if no one has logged on to a customer's social Wi-Fi in the last week or so we will contact the customer to check if there is a problem and get it resolved – even if it’s just the cleaner unplugging the Wi-Fi router!

Contact Wireless Social

If you have any questions about your set-up and how you can install social Wi-Fi from Wireless Social please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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