Wi-Fi for Betting Shops

No longer the dark, smoky, male-dominated domains of old, Licensed Betting Offices are fast becoming a major part of the leisure entertainment sector. With over 8 million customers, bookmakers are already invested heavily in refitting shops or opening new ones. Technology is at the forefront of offering consumers a wide range of activities on which to speculate.


Unfortunately, this had led to a crowded marketplace. On many high streets you can see a number of brands all competing for the punters pound, so the question becomes “how do you keep your customers loyal?”


Making free Wi-Fi pay for itself

Betting shops are attracting a younger market, and there is no market more attached to their smartphones than this one. And what do smartphones need? WiFi. Through the Wireless Social solution you’ll gain a valuable insight into your customers, with information such as frequency of visits and a demographic breakdown all being relayed to you through our offering. This data will enable you to send a whole range of targeted marketing messages, from a personalised birthday greeting to the latest (long) odds you’re offering on England winning the World Cup.


You could tell them all about your loyalty bonus, offer vouchers for repeat visits or inform customers about new games they could play. Each of them will have dozens of friends who could also be interested in having a flutter and you can promote to them as well, without spending thousands on advertising. An, importantly for the industry, throughout all your marketing you can promote responsible gambling.


Getting started with Wireless Social

Installing Wireless Social in your betting shop is as easy as backing a horse in the Grand National. We send you a specially configured WiFi router which plugs into your existing broadband setup, as well as sending “Free WiFi” stickers and promotional cards.


Most of the indoor area of the shop can be covered by just one WiFi router, which means it’ll keep your costs to a minimum. Larger buildings may require greater coverage, but we have highly cost-effective solutions that do not require expensive cabling.


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