Wi-Fi for Car Dealers

Buying a car is a huge decision, and customers know it. The minute the salesman stops talking they’ll be googling away for information, so make the most of it. Free Wi-Fi allows you to capture data, provide information (or even special offers), all to ensure that it’s your dealership that makes that all important sale.

Potential customers who visit your showroom are the ideal audience for marketing messages that could make the difference between ‘just looking’ and buying.

Existing customers will also be receptive to targeted messages designed to encourage purchasing the latest model or benefiting from special offers for new cars, services and parts.

Making free Wi-Fi pay for itself at your car dealership

These days people routinely conduct internet research while considering a large purchase. This activity is often viewed with suspicion by retailers because of the possibility of losing a sale to a website business. But what if your free social Wi-Fi could:

Getting Started with Wireless Social

Installing Wireless Social in your car dealership is as easy as an oil change. We send you a specially configured Wi-Fi router which plugs into your existing broadband setup. We also supply you with “Free Wi-Fi” window and wall stickers plus promotional cards.

Wireless Social costs less than a few spark plugs per month and provides huge potential to increase footfall and revenues.

Most of the indoor area of car dealers can be covered by just one Wi-Fi router, so keeping your costs to a minimum. Larger buildings and forecourt areas levels may require greater coverage, but we have highly cost-effective solutions that do not require expensive cabling.

To get more information about providing Free Wi-Fi in your shop(s) contact us.

Our system integrates with all leading email platforms providing you with the perfect email marketing campaign

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