Wi-Fi for Gyms

Gyms are now a major social hub, where, apart from keeping fit, friends meet to catch up for a chat and a snack. So when your customers decide to take a break from working up a sweat, they will almost certainly log in. Using Wireless Social will allow you to effectively capture data and learn more about your customer activity.

 While they check their email or browse Twitter, they’ll be doing so through your handy WiFi, all after giving your Facebook page a ‘like.’ This means you won’t only have access to their information, you’ll get a bit of free advertising on social media too.

What’s more, the gym bunnies who love to post gym selfies are always ‘checking in’ at their local gym, so why not reward their loyalty to your business by marketing directly to them? Perhaps money off in your cafe, or a half-price dance session? Wireless Social enables you to do exactly that, and more.


Making free WiFi pay for itself

The data you collect will give you everything from the exact breakdown of male to female ratio to their ages, valid email address, and even the last time they visited one of your gyms. This is invaluable information when it comes to your marketing strategy, as you can send personalised messages to a particular social group. Sit back and watch as your likes and followers go through the roof. Our system even enables you to customise the log-in process with your own business’ branding, and we can create a personal splash page with your logo and links to offers.


Safety and security

Importantly, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your Wi-Fi is totally secure. Should anyone browse anything undesirable, you will have their IP address, enabling you to identify the device and therefore the culprit, to the relevant authorities hassle free!


Getting started

Installing and using Wireless Social at your gym is a very simple process. We send you a small router which plugs into the back of your existing broadband, as well as log-in details to access your own online portal, where you can see who is using your Wi-Fi and send your customers direct messages with special offers.


If you have any questions or need help using the portal, simply give us a call and our dedicated team of experts will walk you through how to make the most of your data and best communicate with your customers.


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