Wi-Fi for Holiday Cottages

When people are having a home-away-from-home holiday, they expect all the thrills of a vacation with all the comforts of their day-to-day lives. Wi-Fi is part and parcel of that. Offer free Internet and you also have an amazing opportunity to collect data and boost your company’s social media profile.

Each time your guests log on to the Wi-Fi it creates Facebook ‘Likes’, Twitter ‘Follows’ or positive messages that all their friends or followers can see. Users of mobile devices are likely to log on at least once every day they stay, so the promotion of your properties by every guest could be huge.elatively rare in holiday cottages, so that presents a real opportunity to stand out from the crowd, while also gaining brilliant social media marketing exposure. 

"Wireless Social is a very effective marketing tool and are now approaching 1,000 likes on our Facebook page"

Beachside Holidays - Holiday Cottages, Norfolk

Making free Wi-Fi pay for itself

When people stay in your self-catering accommodation you have a captive audience for many days and nights. They already think you are great for providing free Wi-Fi, so will be happy to receive messages from you and share them with their friends and colleagues.

Using Wireless Social provides cottages with the following:

"We are very pleased with Wireless Social. They respond quickly to questions and resolve any issues. The customer information is very useful for keeping our guests informed of new developments.”

Derwent House - Large Holiday Cottage - Peak District 

Getting Started 

Using Wireless Social in your holiday cottage is as easy as making a bed. We send you a new Wi-Fi router which plugs into your existing broadband and you’re almost done. We supply you with Free Wi-Fi stickers and promotion cards.

It costs much less per month than the price of one bed night and provides significant potential to increase revenues or reduce other marketing / commission spend.

Each cottage can normally be covered by just one Wi-Fi router, so keeping your costs to a minimum. Groups of cottages can often struggle to provide a good free Wi-Fi signal in all locations, but we have highly cost-effective solutions that provides an excellent signal throughout the building without expensive cabling. So whether you have one cottage in the Yorkshire Dales or a group of cottages in Torquay we have the right solution for you.

To get more information about providing Free Wi-Fi in your hotel contact us.

Who's it for?

Our Wi-Fi solution for cottages can be tailored to meet the needs of the smallest 1 bedroom studio apartment to large cottages for 10 to 20 people and groups of cottages on one complex. As the size or number of buildings increases we can offer highly cost effective solutions to extend the Wi-Fi signal without the need for expensive cabling. 

Different sites can easily be accommodated and then managed through the online portal which will break down the user stats by location.  

We also offer Wi-Fi solutions for hotels and B&Bs.


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Put the power in the hands of your business from just £10 per month*

*License prices start from £29 per month + VAT per access point. Significant reductions are available for multi-site operators and longer term contracts.

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