Wi-Fi for Student Unions

Free Wi-Fi is now an expected service in bars and restaurants, with customers logging on through their smartphones and tablets. So why not use this free Wi-Fi to promote your student union bar and any offers and events you may have running? Encourage users to ‘check in,’ ‘like’ and ‘follow’ you on social media, a great tool to encourage repeat visits and new customers.


Making free WiFi pay for itself

Wireless Social provides free advertising to your existing students and their friends, making it a much more cost-effective solution than many other traditional advertising platforms. Students ‘checking in’ to your student union bar are actually promoting the venue on Facebook and, as many of their friends will be living on campus or in the nearby area, this encourages them to drop by themselves.


You can also see what pages your users ‘like’ on Facebook, giving you an accurate insight into your audience’s interests. For example, if you see that 60% of your users like rock music, perhaps you might want to look into booking a rock band? The information is there, all you need to do is use it.


Targeted marketing

Moreover, you can also promote events within the university. How about a free shot for the first 15 people into the student union’s karaoke night? Or alternatively a personalised birthday message with a free meal offer? It’s a sure fire way to encourage people to drop by the SU bar for a couple of hours and bring a group of friends with them.


Getting started

The setup of social WiFi in a student union bar is unbelievably easy! It’s as simple as plugging in an Ethernet cable to the back of your existing broadband, and connecting it to a small router that we mail out to you.


Your marketing team will also be provided with log in details to an online portal, where they can design and send out personalised messages, offers, promotions and so much more! We’ll even throw in various stickers and table cards to promote your free WiFi and encourage users to log on with the router.


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