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Bierkeller venues provide an ‘Authentic Bavarian’ drinking and eating experience in a variety of locations across the north of England, including Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool. Each venue has Bavarian furniture, German beers and a Bavarian style menu. At weekends the Bierkeller party theme is further enhanced with Oompah bands and DJ's.

Social Wi-Fi from Wireless Social was first tried out at the Manchester Bierkeller in August 2013 and was an instant hit with its customers. Hundreds of customers logged on within weeks of go-live. As a result, the service was then put into Bierkellers in Liverpool and Southport with similar success.

Social Wi-Fi Benefits

The positive impact of their Wi-Fi has been extraordinary with well over 1,500 customers per month logging on across the three sites. Social Wi-Fi now provides Bierkeller with over one third of all their Facebook Likes, with over 6,000 ‘Likes’ generated from the three venues in its first 12 months.

Each Bierkeller venue has its own Facebook page and this is an important part of their marketing. So the impact of gaining one third more ‘Likes’, and the messaging and social marketing opportunities this represents is not lost on the Burning Night Group, owners of the Bierkeller brand.

Such has been the success of their first year with Wireless Social the Bierkeller has upgraded the routers installed for the initial trial to enable more people to log on to their Wi-Fi and for users to receive a better browsing experience at peak times.

More about Bierkeller

The Burning Night Group, whose vision was to create brands that capture the essence of a great night out, now have 10 locations across the UK and include brands such as Bierkeller, Around the World in 80 beers and Shooters Sports Bars.

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