Health Spas - Hale Country Club and Spa

The Hale Country Club and Spa (near Manchester) provides a luxurious retreat with amazing leisure facilities including a spa, pool, gym and tennis courts, together with a sophisticated Japanese fusion style restaurant.

When they found out about social Wi-Fi from Wireless Social, it fitted in well with their ethos of investing “in the best of everything.”

Getting started with Wireless Social

 What they really liked was the ability to connect with their members in a more personal way.

 “It’s about getting the details right – the little things that make the difference between being treated as an individual, and not just a number on a national membership database.”

 They were also keen to capture details of non-members or guests, who may, for example, use the restaurant or meeting rooms.

Social Wi-Fi Benefits

Since its introduction Hale Country Club has seen:

“Over 300 users logged onto the system each month, giving us over 100 Facebook Likes every few weeks."

Hale Country Club has been delighted with the impact of their social Wi-Fi. Over 1,300 different people have used the system in the first 4 months, coming from a mixture of 500 repeat users and new users each week.

These users added over 400 Facebook Likes and 60 Twitter Follows, so growing the reach of their social media profiles.

One of the biggest plus points has been capturing details of visitors who are not members. They are now able to reach out to these people as never before. 


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