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Pho is the Vietnamese national dish – an amazingly tasty and nutritious noodle soup.  Restaurant owners Stephen and Juliette Wall decided to start a pho restaurant whilst sampling the delights of pho on holiday in Ho Chi Minh City.

They opened their first restaurant in London in 2005. Since then they have grown to 14 sites including Brighton, Leeds and many more in London, with others on the way. Each restaurant specialises in pho, as well as other authentic Vietnamese dishes, coffees, beers, cocktails and fresh juices.

With such rapid growth there can be a danger of losing contact with customers, which is something that Pho are keen to avoid. Wireless Social is the ideal tool to help them understand, develop and personalise their customer communications.

Social Wi-Fi Benefits

Social Wi-Fi from Wireless Social was set up in 11 of their sites at the beginning of 2015. It was quickly and simply installed by their IT support contractor on a ‘plug and play’ basis.

After just three months the results have been amazing, with more than 4,000 lines of customer data being collected. The restaurants are now averaging over 100 log-ons per day, so with their planned growth this year they are aiming to have an incredible 50,000 lines of marketing data per year.

Libby Andrews, Head of Marketing at Pho is delighted with Wireless Social.

Libby says:
“We rolled out Wireless Social in most of our restaurants and in under three months we've had great results. Now we are able to capture data from the customers who eat in our restaurants in a fast and effective way”

So social Wi-Fi works hardest for them capturing data when they are at their busiest!

Demographic Data & Social Profile

Impressive as the customer data figures are, it’s the quality of the data from social Wi-Fi that really makes the difference. When someone logs onto your Wi-Fi via Facebook you can be sure that they are using genuine credentials, so you receive real high quality data.

You also get so much more than just an email address. Extra data, like gender and date of birth, is immensely valuable when you want to be able to send more personal messages to your customers.

Social Wi-Fi also grows your social media profile in a sustainable way. In addition to the data collected Pho have also received over 2,000 new Facebook Likes through social Wi-Fi in less than three months.

Libby Andrews believes that the combination of raised social profile and the social data collected is
“extremely valuable to the marketing of our business.”

More about Pho

Pho has ambition to grow their business and continue to supply fresh, healthy and tasty food to their customers. For more information see:

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