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Wireless Social’s newest partnership with The Wellington, Aldershot is allowing visitors to get more value from their shopping experience with free, family friendly and secure Wi-Fi combined with innovative data capture technology. 

Why did The Wellington choose Wireless Social? 

The Wellington needed a Wi-Fi service in response to competing shopping centres who were already offering a free Wi-Fi service. Wireless Social was able to provide a competitive quote which moved the bar far ahead of competition.

Now offering a secure service, The Wellington has the huge added benefit of efficient and accurate data collection from each person who logs in, increasing dwell times and giving visitors yet another reason to shop in this fantastic multi level centre.

Customer Log In

To enjoy the new service, customers simply select the Wi-Fi network or will be automatically prompted to log on either by a traditional short form or their chosen social media account. When accessing via social media the venue can ask for a Facebook ‘Like’ or a Twitter ‘Follow’ – gaining opportunity to engage via social media or email.

Each customer accessing the Wi-Fi gives consent to access the information captured during the log on process – which is securely stored within their own portal.  All data is collected and stored in line with all legislation and best practice.

How will The Wellington use their free Wi-Fi Solution?

The Wellington now has an easily accessible social Wi-Fi solution with seamless log on and a built-in reporting/data capture platform that’s easy to use. They wanted to be able to build on their current database with the ability to gain valuable insights in order to communicate more effectively with customers through mediums such as their current e-newsletter, promotions and offers.

Jemma Fern, Centre Manager of The Wellington, Aldershot:
"We are delighted with the use of the social Wi-Fi system within the Centre. This is a valuable service that we are able to offer free of charge to our customers. Now we are able to capture data from our customers and use this platform to communicate more effectively"

What equipment did Wireless Social use?

The Wellington was set up using UBIQUITI wireless equipment running custom Wireless Social firmware and enabling remote management and monitoring. 

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