Theme Parks - Milky Way Adventure Park

Milky Way Adventure Park is located in the heart of Devon with over 85,000 sq feet of indoor space and acres of outdoor space. It has recently been voted North Devon’s Top Day Out, for the second year running.  Attractions include Devon’s longest, tallest & fastest rollercoaster, displays from the North Devon Bird of Prey Centre, indoor adventure play centre and live shows. 

Getting started with Wireless Social  

Milky Way Adventure Park installed Wireless Social in July 2013. In their words they were attracted to social Wi-Fi because “The product is an affordable, secure and very simple way of providing our customers with free Wi-Fi - yet still providing many benefits to us as a business and of course our customers.”

As for the install they found it was definitely not technically challenging: “The install was extremely simple - no complicated settings to configure - it was (as they say) literally plug and play!”

Social Wi-Fi Benefits

Since its introduction Milky Way say that “Many customers have commented how great it is that we provided unlimited Wi-Fi completely free of charge - the fact that they have to sign in with Facebook/Twitter or register an email address to gain access doesn't put people off from using the service.”

They describe the benefits they have seen as “Apart from increased customer satisfaction we have gained extra Facebook likes, Twitter follows and a large number of email addresses which we can use for marketing purposes.” In fact in just their first few months they have received details of over 1,200 customer log-ins, providing 750 Facebook Likes,  in addition to email addresses and Twitter follows.

Commenting on the service they have received from Wireless Social they say that it “has been excellent - including the simple yet detailed statistics and contact information we get provided of our Wi-Fi users - which is a great bonus for us in terms of free advertising and promotion opportunities.”

One of the marketing features Milky Way have used successfully are vouchers. Everyone who logs on to the Wi-Fi now receives a “VIP discount return visitor voucher”. This gives them a second bite at all their visitors by encouraging them to visit a second time while they are on holiday in Devon.

Future Developments

Such has been the success of their first season with Wireless Social they are now looking to install a second router for a new children’s indoor play area section of their park opening in 2014. The Wi-Fi will be for parents to use when their children are playing and will be set up as a separate location so they can market separately to users of this part of the park.

For more information on the Milky Way Adventure Park visit their website -

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