We have partnered with the leading customer feedback and online reputation specialists, Feed It Back. The collaboration of our two technologies is designed to help operators gain more post-dining feedback in order to drive proactive actions to improve service and the guest experience.

The partnership will greatly enhance the volume of direct feedback operators receive, giving them a richer dataset to make insight driven business decision. In an increasingly competitive environment, the need for operators to glean true insights on how to improve and tweak their offer, as well as manage their online reputation, has become a necessity.

If you would like to find out more, please register and we will contact you to arrange a demo.

How it works

The guest logs into the Wi-Fi network allowing the venue to collect their contact email address and presence data which is then automatically sent to Feed It Back

Feed It Back creates a short post-dining survey, which is automatically sent to your customers

It provides you specific examples of what your customers like (and dislike) and how you can improve their experiences.

Easily identify areas of improvement within your operations, such as slow areas of service or bottlenecks.