Marketing Integrations

When you want to improve your customers experience, grow your market share and increase your revenue then you need to communicate with your customers in the most effective way possible.

Successful email communications rely on well written topical content, an intelligent CRM system and platform to feed out your material and a brilliant yet simple data capture tool to integrate it with.

Wireless Social is that brilliant tool and our CRM partner integration guide gives you details of the data available together with methods for transferring it over.

Take a look at the list of 3rd party systems which we already integrate with - we have all the major ones covered. 

Below is an up to date list of integrations with 3rd party systems that are already available to use with Wireless Social.

If you currently use one not in the list, then just let us know - we’re always on hand to help you and make your work as easy as possible.

Prospective customers and integration partners may find our partner integration guide useful as it gives details of the data that is available, the existing methods for transferring it, and some information that is important for the creation of new transfer methods.

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