Getting started with Wireless Social couldn't be easier

Our product is so easy to use you don't need any technical knowledge to get underway. Within a week of placing an order you'll have your own public social Wi-Fi hotspot. We're also partnered with all leading Wi-Fi equipment manufacturers, meaning we can usually configure your system remotely and, if not, we'll send you an easy-to-install router.

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The Wireless Social marketing portal allows you to reach out to everyone who has used your social Wi-Fi, either by email or social media messaging.

What’s more, the portal integrates seamlessly with your existing social media accounts, like Facebook and Twitter, so you can manage them all from one place without having to switch between different accounts and platforms.

Felicitas Media are an award winning media company with an impressive client list including Asos, Mothercare and Yodel. One of their clients asked them to review Wireless Social prior to purchase, and they were blown away!

Martin Brown, General Manager, Felicitas Media said “Wireless Social software done right!  We will be putting this software into all our clients with bricks and mortar locations.  Marketing gold for any business!”

Create your own e-shot

Use the in-built template system to quickly set up your own fully branded e-shot. You can easily import images and logos, select colours, write your text and create ranges that offers are valid from and to. You can also select the range of people for each e-shot by a variety of factors, such as age, gender, number of visits and time of visits.

One of the most popular automated e-shots is a birthday offer, where an email can be sent to a customer just prior to their big day. In return you are likely to gain additional business you would not have had without this excellent personalised marketing channel.

Once sent out you can then view details of recipients.

Our system integrates with all leading email platforms providing you with the perfect email marketing campaign

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