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Since its inception in 2015, Wireless Social has quickly become the industry standard across the hospitality industry, looking after 3,500 venues’ guest Wi-Fi and is used by 1 million new Wi-Fi users every month. 

Wireless Social specialise in guest Wi-Fi and analytics for hospitality venues, providing operators with actionable insight, collected from Wi-Fi social media logins, and by tracking customer behaviour in terms of visits, frequency, recency, dwell times, and ongoing loyalty. This enables operators to segment and target their marketing communications more effectively.

They work with many of the leading hospitality and leisure operators, including Ask Italian, Itsu, Carluccio’s, TGI Fridays, Frankie and Benny’s, Leon, HEINEKEN, and Pho to name a few.

They integrate with over 50 leading hospitality CRM, marketing, and SCV platforms so that data can be seamlessly transferred and reported on across all of the Operator’s platforms. One of the more popular integrations includes the ability to build audiences in Facebook for brands to target existing customers with relevant ads, or to extend the campaign with ‘lookalikes’ to increase the reach. This direct profiling saves up to 50% ad spend against current social ads campaigns.

Other features included in the package are individually-branded splash pages and segmented landing pages making sure that the venue’s branding is visible across the login process. There is also the option of receiving real-time quest feedback, by creating short questionnaires enabling operators to collate instant insight into whatever you choose, from new openings, new menus or just general operational feedback. 

The guest data collected from the Wi-Fi service is now widely recognised as the best source of GDPR compliant data. On average, 68% of users opt-in to receive marketing, which is 4.5x more powerful than the industry average of 15%.

Wireless Social have also just launched an exciting new product called ‘Hedgehog’ which gives drinks brands the ability to send free drinks vouchers to guests as soon as they log into the Wi-Fi, to be redeemed at the till. The venue receives the full price of the free drink, and the brand gets their drink into the hands of their perfect target audience. Currently 58% of the vouchers that are issued are redeemed, leading to a 30% increase in visit frequency to the venue for those that have redeemed the vouchers. 


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