Procedures relating to a Customer who reports infection to an Operator
You should encourage your customer to report the venue details, along with our contact details to the contact tracing team, and they will then initiate the Contact Tracing procedures.
The NHS Contact Tracing website is at
You do not need to (and should not) do anything else.

Procedures relating to an NHS T&T representative who reports infection to you
You should give our contact details to the NHS caller. You do not need to (and should not) do anything else.
How T&T data is stored and used.
We also added the following Appendix to our contract reflecting the non-standard nature of this free service.
– Data collected under the Wireless Social Test & Trace will be stored for 21 days after a user’s last visit and then deleted.
– It may be shared on request with NHS Test & Trace and their authorised teams, including local contact teams run by the local health authority purely for the purposes of aiding the NHS Coronavirus Test & Trace system.

Frequently asked questions
 – I know someone reported a positive test result, but none of my regulars have been contacted.
NHS T&T does not contact all individuals, they perform a risk assessment based on the information from the End User, and any conversations they have with the Customer. They will contact for further information if they deem others in the venue
to have been at risk (following the Covid-19 guidelines minimises the risk to other customers) and if they have been unable to trace people through the information given (for example the End User may have reported contacts outside of their group, and these may have been followed up individually with no need for further information). As a result not every positive test result will end up in a request via the Customer.

Can I use my marketing data to contact people who were on the premises at that time?
We cannot advise fully the legalities of this action, however the customer can, via the portal, extract the names of those who logged into the Wi-Fi, and can communicate with them regarding the service they provided, the customer will have to perform a risk assessment as to if this is an acceptable use of the data based on the consent given, and their view of the necessity to contact customers, we can assist a customer in retrieving the data for their purposes.

The guidance from government is not clear in all instances so we should always direct Customers to the latest up to date information which can be seen here:



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