GDPR – is this good or bad for businesses?

MD, Julian Ross shares his views on GDPR

Wireless Social is flying the flag for GDPR. While many people are cursing the new legislation and wondering which data to throw away, which to secure renewed opt-in for and which they can ‘get away with keeping’, we’re working with our customers to help them build amazing relationships with their database.

GDPR isn’t a four-letter word! I’ve seen from lots of our clients that they’re making huge efforts to ensure that they’re fully GDPR compliant and I think that because there’s so much effort having gone into this, the spirit of the rule changes is getting lost in the noise. It reminds me a lot of Y2K…. But GDPR is an amazing thing. There are hundreds of unscrupulous companies who’ve been ‘acquiring data’ from a number of channels, in the hope of catching one person’s eye out of every thousand. In many cases, entire databases of contacts have been mailed and none of them will have any clue who the sender was, or where they got their data from.

The world post 26th May is going to change radically…not for the worse, but for the better! Please know that I’m not naïve enough to think that the clouds will part, the sun will shine through and only emails that are perfectly formed and personalised to an expectant recipient will arrive in people’s inboxes – that will clearly not be the case. However, with all of the hype around data ownership and usage, the public will most definitely be aware of their right to complain about receiving emails they never asked for. This will steadily remove the constant stream of 15 – 20 emails that have appeared in our inboxes overnight and clear the path for the emails that people have consented to and want to receive.

Having totally immersed myself in the world of hospitality for the past five years, I’ve built some amazing relationships with lots of operators, large and small. What I’ve seen predominantly is that operators are completely genuine and only want to send messages to customers who’ve expressly asked them to and they have absolutely nothing to worry about from this legislation. Marketing teams should be licking their lips – for the first time they’ve got the clout of the government behind them for what they’ve wanted to do for years – send personalised and relevant messages to their customers, free from the competition of endless spam!

We’re so excited by this new legislation, it’s a really exciting time for marketing teams across all sectors!

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