Here’s how transparent GDPR compliance can help your business

Here’s how transparent GDPR compliance can help your business

Following the recent Cambridge Analytica Facebook scandal, we conducted some research into how consumers’ behaviour changed when using social platforms to log in to Wi-Fi.

Would you believe, that despite an initial, very small, dip in digital activity, consumer behaviour has returned to exactly how it was prior to the incident, in only seven weeks?

Our report, which ran from 9 March 2018 and 4May, uses data from over 3,400 venues and surprisingly, there was only a 3% decline in users logging in to our platform via Facebook after the scandal broke.  As of 4 May, our logins for the platform are now at 50%, the second highest figure ever reported for Wireless Social.  Whatever the scandal, Facebook doesn’t stay down for long!

We also took a look at the number of new Wi-Fi users logging on to our platform each day, highlighting the important role that GDPR and transparent messaging plays on consumer behaviour.  Despite the scaremongering, consumers are still willing to use a venue’s Wi-Fi if its GDPR compliance is made clear.  Interestingly, our new user average remained consistent at 11 users per day, both before and after the scandal.  In addition, 81% of consumers are still happy to opt-in to receive marketing communications from their chosen venues.

GDPR doesn’t have to be scary, providing businesses are transparent in what they do.  It’s great for both the company and the consumer, so we’re not afraid to say we welcome the new law with open arms!

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