Micro Surveys

Micro Surveys - Unlock your customers potential

It’s no hidden secret that research and listening to users is vital to successful businesses of all size. 

The key to gaining this invaluable data is to keep it simple, relevant and ask at the right time.  Wireless Social Micro Surveys will give you the ability to collect customer feedback faster and smarter.

The simple to use builder allows you to easily add questions to a survey which can be based on multiple choices, ratings or just simply leaving comments.  

Once built, the Micro Survey is applied to your users access journey and appears before the online splash page. If you don’t have a splash page setup then it will appear as the last step of the users onboarding journey. 

Access Surveys via the Survey link on the marketing option.

Then setup your survey - give it a name so you can find it again.

Where to find your surveys


Setup the questions - there are 4 choices (examples below).

Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice

Text Box

Free Text Box

Rating out of 5

Rating 1 to 5

Star rating

Or Star Rating - from 1 star to 5 stars


All of the responses from your Micro Survey are then aggregated into an overview reports section, displaying actionable data which can also be exported to a CSV file.

Ws micro results


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