Demographic data collection

92,000 unique users logged into their Guest Wi-Fi in 6 months

CRM Integration

Direct API integration with Alchemetrics CRM

Marketable data

76% of users opted-in to receive marketing

Social remarketing

Integrated with Facebook Ads


The Alchemist rolled out the Wireless Social solution in the run up to the new year 2019, so, 6 months on, what have they achieved through our service and what value has it brought to their brand?


The Alchemist initially moved over to Wireless Social as they wanted to provide a branded user-friendly login journey that worked seamlessly across all devices, and to give their guests the best experience, whilst maximising the data capture.


From the 1st January this year, the award-winning food and drink operator has had a whopping 92,000 unique users log into their Wi-Fi across all 16 of their venues, with 76% of those users opt-ing into receive marketing, boosting their Alchemetrics CRM database by 67,000 valuable lines of data, dramatically boosting the opportunity to drive guests back into their venues.


In addition to collecting customer data, the presence capabilities have captured valuable insights about the footfall around each of their venues, and the dwell time of customers who visit, enabling the Operations team to make decisions based on staffing. Additionally,the marketing team are now able to track how successful their marketing campaigns have been at enticing guests back for repeat visits. The reports available to Alchemist via the Wireless Social insights dashboard, detail both visit frequency and loyalty over time by detecting device MAC addresses when they enter the venue.


Long-term, the marketing team will be able to see how the loyalty and visit frequency of their guests has been affected over time, with accurate reporting of which campaigns worked well and which didn’t, so they can be certain that they’re investing their efforts in the right campaigns to increase the visit frequency and spend of each guest.


The marketing team at The Alchemist were also keen to use the Facebook ads integration, to target social posts to existing customers, which was possible through creating custom audiences per city on Facebook, and then specifically targeting customers in the nearby area with ads relevant to their local restaurant.


The survey feature was also implemented for some quick feedback from guests. Upon logging into the Wi-Fi, the question “How do you feel about the volume of music in here today” was presented to the guest, and it turns out, The Alchemist have hit the sweet spot with the music volume – guests agreed that it was “just right!”


Later, a different question was asked: “What cocktail ingredient excites you the most?” and surprisingly, Pink Grapefruit won, narrowly beating off chocolate and Parma Violet. So we’ll expect to see some delicious new grapefruit cocktails on the menu soon!


All of the data captured by the surveys can be used to segment data for future campaigns, so those Parma Violet lovers can be segmented and contacted about the latest Parma Violet Gins to land behind the bar.

“We wanted an easy way for our guests to login into our Wi-Fi, and to build our customer database. Wireless Social fit the bill perfectly, and the additional features that we’re able to use for marketing have been very exciting for us.

We have so much data at our disposal to accurately track our marketing campaigns to fine-tune how we contact customers, to give each of our valued guests a personalised marketing experience.”

Jenny McPhee, Head of Brand at The Alchemist