Demographic data collection

13,000 unique users logged into their Guest Wi-Fi in 6 months

Marketable data

73% of users opted-in to receive marketing

Social remarketing

Targeted specific day-part audiences by Facebook Ads


Bistrot Pierre are one of the leading French-inspired restaurants in the UK, growing to 24 venues up and down the country since its inception in 1994.

Why Bistrot Pierre chose Wireless Social

Bistrot Pierre were initially looking to build their customer database and gain a deeper understanding of who their customers were. Along with collecting guest data, other features available through the Wireless Social service, such as the ability to enhance their social media strategy and a more targeted approach to their marketing, from having greater insight and more detailed guest profiles, were also of great interest to their marketing team.

The results

Since rolling out the Wireless Social service, they have added almost 13,000 new customer email addresses to their database, as 73% of their Wi-Fi users chose to opt-in to receive marketing and subscribe to their email newsletter. 

This valuable data collection has also enabled the Bistrot Pierre marketing team to use this data in other ways too, most significantly through the use of segmented Facebook custom audiences. 

As a result, any guest who has visited the venue during the early breakfast hours, are tagged as a ‘breakfast customer’. They are then added to a ‘breakfast’ audience on Facebook. This simple process enables the marketing team to send relevant communications and targeted offers, as well as starting to entice them in for other day-parts too, with lunch and dinner promotions making their way onto the customer’s Facebook newsfeed.

Guests benefit from a branded guest Wi-Fi network, that’s very simple to login to. If they visit more than once, the system will recognise their phone and conveniently automatically connect them, almost like they’ve returned home!

The Bistrot Pierre marketing team have also set up a series of rule-based, targeted landing pages to direct the guest to offers and promotions once they are online.  In this case the rules are based visit frequency. So, on the first two visits, guests are taken to the Mon Pierre Rewards page of the website, promoting the rewards app and encouraging them to download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, so they can collect points on each visit and earn a free starter.

The more loyal guests who have visited three times land on a “What’s on” page, with information about current special events and offers. Frequent visitors who have visited four times or more and are also under the age of 28 (you millenials out there), are redirected to the Bistrot Pierre Instagram page, encouraging more ‘followers’ and increased social engagement. 

The guest data collected through the guest Wi-Fi also gives the Bistrot Pierre marketing team valuable insights about the demographics of their customers, and since the service went live, males aged between 25-35 have been the biggest group visiting the restaurants, closely followed by males aged 36-55. 

“The team at Wireless Social are great to work with, they’ll facilitate everything you need (no matter how big or small) and are always there to help whenever you need anything”

Susie Clark, Marketing Manager at Bistrot Pierre