User-friendly guest Wi-Fi

2.25 million Carluccio’s Wi-Fi log-ins

Marketable data

800,000 new marketable contacts

Social remarketing

Targeted specific ‘lookalike’ audiences by Facebook Ads



Antonio and Priscilla Carluccio founded their business in 1991 with a shop on Neal Street aimed at bringing the finest quality Italian food to London. In 1999, the first Carluccio’s Café opened in Market Place, a venture so successful the brand expanded to encompass 75 restaurants across the UK.

Back in 2014, Carluccio’s decided to trial Wireless Social for four months. They’ve never left us. Set-up was easy. If operators have the compatible hardware in place, Wireless Social can roll out its service across even large estates in a matter of hours. In an industry first, the system was also able to integrate with Fourth, to allow Carluccio’s to analyse the success of its promotions against the data captured by Wireless Social.


By the end of the trial, Carluccio’s had identified a vast upswing in useable data capture compared with its previous platform, with a phenomenal 2.25 million Carluccio’s Wi-Fi log-ins since go-live in February 2015. This figure includes nearly 950,000 unique users and gave the operator almost 800,000 new marketable contacts.

Carluccio’s has now been using Wireless Social for four years and, since the introduction of GDPR in May 2018, has enjoyed an unprecedented 77% opt-in rate, meaning all that rich data is fully compliant.

Fourth Analytics integration

The data was integrated with Fourth Analytics to enable Carluccio’s to gain more insight and track results against the previous year. The detailed reports include footfall numbers per site, by time of day, dwell time, conversion rates, and the impact on conversion rates when changes are made to the exterior advertising.

Sharing presence analytics data with Fourth has helped shine a light on which promotions are working well and which need to be refined or swapped out, saving Carluccio’s precious time and keeping each service at its most profitable. This is a huge leap forward for the industry, meaning operators can react instantly to market conditions based on their WiFi data.

Wireless Social is giving Carluccio’s real, actionable insight. For example, using Wireless Social data, Carluccio’s identified a daypart when footfall was at its highest but conversion at its lowest. Looking at the affected daypart, the business was able to decide on a relevant promotion, such as a mid-morning brunch offer, to ensure any empty tables filled up at what would otherwise have been a quiet time. Carluccio’s has also made clever use of the Wireless Social data by using it to assess the effectiveness of new offers.


All of the data is pushed directly to Carluccio’s CRM partner, Acteol on to their Atreemo platform, so it’s immediately available for direct marketing and can be segmented for truly targeted promotions. Carluccio’s has also benefited from setting up custom audiences, which means Carluccio’s marketing enters relevant contacts’ Facebook feeds with timely reminders or to push certain promotions. The presence data from Wireless Social allows the CRM platform to attribute an email address being in a restaurant. This allows the data to segment customers on recent visits, first visits, last visits and favourite restaurants. This is particular useful when targeting look a like audiences for marketing campaigns.


Wireless Social data from Carluccio’s WiFi users reveal customer demographics that also help refine marketing. For example, Carluccio’s knows it is equally popular with men and women on average but that it has a higher overall success rate within the 25-55 age range. Although younger females aged under 25 visit at a similar rate to the 25-55s, the presence of fewer male customers in the younger category lower the overall under-25 visitor frequency. Armed with these facts, Carluccio’s can focus the marketing effort according to business strategy.

Tellingly, user log-in is almost universally either through Carluccio’s form or via Facebook, and visits from known customers on the database that have received Carluccio’s targeted marketing are almost double those of uncontacted customers.

Carluccio’s has recently renewed its collaboration with Wireless Social for the next three years.