Demographic data collection

8,600 unique users logged into their Guest Wi-Fi

Marketable data

75% of users opted-in to receive marketing

Social remarketing

Targeted specific ‘lookalike’ audiences by Facebook Ads


The background

Chilango was born out of an absolute love of Mexican food by Co-Founders Eric Partaker and Dan Houghton, who opened their first restaurant in London on Upper Street in 2007.

Several years later and with 12-sites primarily across London and including Birmingham and Manchester, the brand continues to go from strength to strength, living by and breathing its Mexican food missionaries mantra.

The brief Chilango’s new restaurant in Birmingham was opening on Thursday 04 July and to mark the opening, they planned to run a free burrito day for customers. The brand had a target to reach 1,500 sign ups to their database for the free burrito. At the time of the brief, Chilango had started to do this through a focused social promotion via Facebook. Ultimately, the results needed to deliver a queue the size of the world’s biggest burrito outside the restaurant.

Our response to the brief

Our response to the brief started with sound research. Chilango had been live with Wireless Social since August 2018 across its estate of 12-sites. During this period, 8,600 customers had logged into Chilango’s guest Wi-Fi, boosting their existing email database to give them a solid base of contacts to use for marketing campaigns.   

We started by creating a customised Facebook audience for Chilango and then incorporated it into the Chilango Facebook marketing platform – targeting all customers who had opted in to receive further information. Facebook then successfully matched their data to their current Facebook profiles.   

Utilising the customised Facebook audience, we then worked with Chilango to create a ‘lookalike audience’ which incorporated customer Facebook profiles, together with their likes, interests, ages etc, whilst finding similar profiles to those of their customers to create a huge audience of potential new ‘lookalike’ customers.

The next stage involved placing a Facebook ad, targeted exclusively to the Birmingham area, with the offer of a free burrito upon signing up. The strategic nature of the campaign meant that only people from the lookalike audience who lived in Birmingham saw the ad.

What challenges did you face in answering the brief?

The timelines were extremely tight. We received the brief from Chilango on Monday 01 July and the opening was on Thursday 04 July – no easy feat! At the time of receiving the brief, Chilango were struggling to achieve their original sign up target to the free burrito offer.


In just 3-days, we were able to increase sign-ups to the Chilango opening burrito offer – achieving a staggering increase on the initial target of 1,500 by 53.3% – all through the smart use of Facebook integration.

The Birmingham site continues to go from strength-to-strength and is thriving. Data capture is steadily increasing to the point where 71% of customers who have logged into the Wi-Fi on-site have opted-in to receive marketing information from the brand.

What’s next for Chilango?

Due to the huge success of the campaign and in such a short timescale, we are continuing to work with Chilango to support their ongoing marketing initiatives and campaigns.

“We were thrilled by the quick and effective results delivered by the Wireless Social team. It was so important to us when opening our second restaurant out of London to reflect the city’s fantastic buzz and vibrancy with a queue to match.

The Wireless Social team helped us to smash our target sign-ups by an impressive 53% and we now have a highly engaged database in Birmingham where 71% of our guests are happy to receive marketing updates from us. We hope to continue to grow our Birmingham base of Mexican food fans with our vibrant food, flavours and experiences.”

Katie Lister, Marketing Director, Chilango