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Identified audience using Facebook data collected via Wi-Fi login

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Enhanced data collection, including guest’s interests, via Facebook login options


The background

ETM, founded in 2000, has transformed from a group of smart city gastro pubs to a collection of eclectic venues across London. They’ve taken their passion for creating unique, exciting venues and opened more than 14 sites including aspirational rooftop bar Aviary, high energy premium sports pubs Greenwood, Long Arm and Broadleaf and heritage dining pub restaurants – The Jugged Hare and Chiswell Street Dining Rooms.

Across its 14 venues, the brand has an impressive database of 300,000 loyal customers who they’ve been able to capture and engage with through the brands Wi-Fi.

The Jugged Hare prides itself on having an awesome reputation as London’s leading game gastro-pub. Always thinking outside the box and pushing the boundaries to deliver a game-changing drinking and dining experience for its customers, it’s not surprising that the brand leveraged its game credentials to launch a Game of Thrones evening, aptly named ‘A Feast of Thrones’ in April 2019.

To put the potential marketing opportunity into context, the 7th season of Game of Thrones regularly drew in over 10 million registered viewers via HBO, with millions more watching the episodes illegally online across the world.

The brief

The brief from The Jugged Hare was very clear. “Attract a new audience to The Jugged Hare and open up Gourmet Nights to new audiences.”

Our response to the brief

For personalised marketing campaigns to be successful, they have to start with sound research. 71.9% of the Game of Thrones (GOT) audience are aged 18-29. 18% are in the 30-44 bracket, 8.2% under 18 and 1.9% over 45. Males were shown to dominate the audience viewing figures at 81.8%, females at 17.3% and 0.9% listed as other.

We then reviewed the GOT’s audience demographic against The Jugged Hare’s customers database, which revealed some interesting findings. 39% of the brands audience are aged 25-35, 38% are aged between 35-55, with 62% male and 38% female.

When analysing the rich data captured through on-site Facebook logins and the pages customers liked, we discovered that the Jugged Hare had a database of over 1,000 hard-core GOT fans, of which 44% had logged into Facebook via the brands Wi-Fi to view information on the series.

Looking deeper, we found there were four separate GOT pages that were amongst the most liked. We then matched all the users that had liked these pages and created a targeted segment. Having introduced the Jugged Hare to the new Facebook ads integration feature, we were able to create a target segment which we then pushed directly into ETM’s Facebook ads as a new audience.


  • We were able to review the GOT’s audience demographic against The Jugged Hare’s customer database to discover key audience figures to target as part of the promotional campaign.
  • We knew that 80% of the brands customer base login to the Wi-Fi via Facebook. Through these logins, we were able to source 1,000 hard-core GOT fans, whilst also discovering that 44% had logged into Facebook via the brands Wi-Fi to view information on the series. Having such intrinsic data enabled us to successfully run a targeted Facebook campaign aimed at this audience.
  • Based on previous promotions of this nature, the promotional period for this type of event is usually 4-weeks to hit capacity. However, due to the success of the campaign, the event sold out in 2-weeks, leading to a second date announcement, which also sold out.

What’s next for The Jugged Hare?

  • Due to the success of the campaign, the Jugged Hare is committed to continuing to significantly drive Wi-Fi usage amongst customers. We will be working with them to segment and increase their database by incentivising logins.
  • We will be working with the team at the Jugged Hare to run personalised campaigns, based on customer lifestyle preferences and social interests, together with POS initiatives to drive Wi-Fi usage.
  • Additionally, the brand will use Presence to help them understand which of their marketing channels is generating the best results, which in turn will also ensure they receive a high ROI, whilst also understanding the behaviours of their guests like never before.

Our objective was to conduct a data experiment to attract a new audience to The Jugged Hare and if successful, open up our future Gourmet Nights and the main restaurant to new audiences. The results were conclusive. Due to the rich data we were able to amass through Wireless Social’s technology, we were able to fine-tune our marketing activity for Feast of Thrones based on our customer’s specific social interests. The fact that we were over-subscribed within 2-weeks, instead of the usual four for this type of event is testament to the technology’s effectiveness, and of course the need to announce a second date, which also sold out, confirmed the technology’s success.

Looking to the future, we are committed to maximising the use of the Wireless Social technology on a larger scale across the ETM estate, to initiate targeted, relevant and personalised marketing campaigns to drive footfall and ultimately increase revenue.

Sam Bourke, Director of Sales and Marketing, ETM Group