Demographic data collection

Almost 3,500 lines of marketable data in 30 days

GDPR compliant

75% marketing opt-in rate

Increased Loyalty

A greater depth of guest segmentation options

Multi-venue operator

12 venues in the UK and US


Hakkasan, known for its Michelin Star award-winning restaurant, which offers modern Cantonese cuisine has selected Wireless Social to provide a guest Wi-Fi and guest data collection service to enhance their digital marketing strategy across all 12 venues in the UK and US.

In the first thirty days of running the service, Hakkasan collected almost 3,500 lines of marketable data and has a 75% opt-in rate; testament to how engaged their guest are with the brand. In addition to the guest contact details, Hakkasan also has access to guest profile data collected via social login. The data gathered has shown that 55% of visitors are male, with the majority being in the 25 to 35 age group.

Of all of the guests who used the service, 45% opted to login using Facebook, providing Hakkasan with a greater depth of segmentation options, including interests based on pages ‘liked’ by their customers on the social platform. This feature enables the marketing team to create highly targeted marketing campaigns tailored to suit the individual’s preferences. An example being that many of their customers like the cooking channel Tasty on Facebook, highlighting an opportunity to run cooking-based events.

The Presence Analytics feature is set to help the operator to understand their guest’s behaviour in terms of footfall and conversion, dwell times, frequency and recency of visits, and date of last visit. By understanding these behaviours, Hakkasan can now develop and improve their communication strategy to target groups such as lapsed customers to entice them back through the doors.

Operational efficiencies are gained by knowing exactly how busy is the area around the venue, how long guests stay, which are the busiest days, and how the venues perform against each other. The data shows that nearly 30% of guests stay for over an hour, with around 20% staying between 40 and 60 minutes. Across the group, the data shows that the busiest period for passing traffic is Tuesday evening.

The next phase of the project will be to integrate the data with their social ads platforms to create effective guest re-targeting campaigns to generate more repeat visits by harnessing the power of social media.