Demographic data collection

Over 400 lines of data collected in less than 4 months

Facebook likes

Over 150 Likes have also been added to their Facebook page

Customer Engagement

Automated e-shots to their customers including birthday promotions


EastZEast provides a home for authentic Punjabi cuisine in its multi-award winning restaurant chain. It has a number of locations across the North West, including two restaurants in Manchester City Centre, plus others in Bury, Preston, Liverpool and now also in Birmingham.

Each location is more than just a restaurant. Each restaurant has an impressive bar and lounge areas for customers to enjoy drinks, including their signature cocktails, before and after their meal.

The Punjab region has produced dishes including Pakoras, Rogan Josh, Butter Chicken, Tikka dishes and Naan, as well as being the birth place of the Tandoori style of cooking.

Guest Wi-Fi Benefits

Wireless Social was introduced to their Manchester Riverside restaurant as a test venue in December 2014. The very large size and multi-level layout of the restaurant meant that the install required some assistance from Wireless Social technical support to ensure that the Wi-Fi signal remained strong throughout the site.

After going live on 18/12/2014 the results have been impressive, with over 400 lines of data collected in less than 4 months. Over 150 Likes have also been added to their Facebook page, which already had an impressive 7,000 likes. However, with the system installed in all 6 sites, the number of likes they receive each month will be over 200 – more than double their current rate.

Demographic Data & Social Profile

Impressive as the customer data figures are, it’s the quality of the data from guest Wi-Fi that really makes the difference. When someone logs onto your Wi-Fi via Facebook you can be sure that they are using genuine credentials, so you receive real high quality data.

You also get so much more than just an email address. Extra data, like gender and date of birth, is immensely valuable when you want to be able to send more personal messages to your customers.

EastZEast have already set up 4 automated e-shots to their customers. This includes one that is sent out in advance of someone’s birthday with a discount ‘present’ for a birthday meal.

“Technical support was brilliant. They have been in touch at all times and always gone out of their way to ensure we were satisfied and the product is working well for us…The data capture is great for us and has been a critical part in allowing us to target those who have visited us directly.”

Amel, PR and Marketing Manager