Demographic data collection

Over 5,000 lines of customer data collected

Facebook likes

Almost 2,000 Facebook Likes generated

Twitter followers

Over 250 new Twitter followers engaged with the brand

LinkedIn boost

120 new LinkedIn connections made


The Ideal Collection is a distinctive group of niche pubs and restaurants (some providing accommodation) in and around Hampshire in the South of England.

Guest Wi-Fi Benefits

Wireless Social set up a short trial at one of their venues in December 2013. It took just two weeks for Ideal Collection to see that guest Wi-Fi (where customers log onto your Wi-Fi using social media authentication) was something they had to have, so they quickly rolled it out to their six venues in January 2014.

Twelve months later it has been a simple decision to continue the service for another year as the results continue to stack up. Across their six venues they have collected over 5,000 lines of customer data, received almost 2,000 Facebook Likes, over 250 new Twitter followers and 120 LinkedIn followers.

Customer Demographic Data

For Daniel the biggest benefit has been the customer data. It’s not just the volume, but the quality, detail and accuracy that is so beneficial. Because the data comes from people logging onto Wi-Fi via their social media accounts it means that there is no bogus data. What’s more, the additional data, like gender and date of birth, is immensely valuable when you want to be able to send more personal messages to your customers.

Ideal Collection already had their own marketing software so do not need to use the marketing portal that comes with Wireless Social. However, the portal allows them to export all the data and load it into their marketing system.

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“Companies can focus so much time and resource on finding new customers, whereas we focus on retaining our current guests. Wireless Social helps us collect their data and export it easily to our email platform, allowing us to engage and entice those guests back through our door.”

Daniel Turner, Marketing Manager