£3m backing for Wireless Social product

The former Tesco chief Sir Terry Leahy is part of a high-profile consortium which has invested more than £3m into Purple Wi-Fi – the company behind the development of the Wireless Social product.

Purple Wi-Fi

Purple Wi-Fi and its social Wi-Fi creation is the brainchild of entrepreneur Gavin Wheeldon. In his view "Wi-Fi is something that is expected, for free, just as we expect access to heat, light and water. But the big question in recent years has been how to monetise Wi-Fi. Purple Wi-Fi has created an innovative low cost solution that gives unprecedented analytics and insights, whilst driving true ROI for businesses."

Wireless Social and Purple Wi-Fi

Purple Wi-Fi continue developing the product, but their world-wide distribution and support is through resellers, of which Wireless Social is the largest co-branded white label solution. This provides Wireless Social with priority access to the very latest developments, highest priority support and best possible prices.

Bill Williams, Partner Licensing Manager at Purple Wi-Fi, was responsible for bringing Wireless Social on board. He says: “Right from the start I knew that Wireless Social would be an outstanding partner for us. They provide an exceptionally professional end-to-end service to their very impressive range of customers. I have no hesitation in recommending Wireless Social to potential customers, and in fact I often do!”

Sir Terry Leahy on Social Wi-Fi

Investor Sir Terry Leahy and entrepreneur Ian Kelly have now joined Purple Wi-Fi's board of directors. Sir Terry commented: "Having been in the retail space for many years, I have seen how technology has and will continue to revolutionise the industry.”

He continued: "Purple Wi-Fi is a brilliant example of how additional value can be driven from an existing infrastructure. I've been incredibly impressed with what Gavin and the team have achieved to date. I very much look forward to helping them drive global expansion and adoption."

 Source: Insider Media 

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