Web Safety and your Wi-Fi

Every now and again we are reminded, with a shudder, about the darker side of the internet. The recent news about the dramatic increase in child abuse images reported by the BBC being a primary example.  


While we are dismayed by the people behind such deeds, we are also inspired by the people fighting against them, such as those who work for the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF). The BBC report that the IWF has “helped identify and remove more than double the number of sexually explicit web pages depicting youngsters in 2014 than in the previous year”.

Susie Hargreaves, Chief Executive of the IWF said, "Our ability to actively seek out child sexual abuse imagery created a significant step-change in the effectiveness of the IWF."

So what does this mean for your public Wi-Fi?

If your business has a public Wi-Fi hotspot there are number of legal compliance and Wi-Fi security implications that can land you in hot water if you don’t take sensible precautions - often referred to a 'reasonable steps'. Unfortunately broadcasting a Wi-Fi signal with a password that rarely changes does not constitute reasonable steps to control access and identify Wi-Fi users.

How can Wireless Social Help?

Wireless Social provides you with legally compliant and secure public Wi-Fi access which means you can concentrate on running your business confident that you are meeting all your Wi-Fi responsibilities.

Having Wireless-Social in your venue means:

  1. You are taking the right steps to recognise who is using your Wi-Fi.
  2. Wireless Social incorporates the IWF stop-list through Open DNS filtering which prevents access to problem sites they have identified.
  3. Open DNS provides optional additional content filtering which can restrict access to certain specific sites (like your competitor) or types of site, such as gambling for example.

Whilst the Internet Watch Foundation is continually researching and removing explicit sites depicting child abuse imagery, the problem remains.

By having your Wireless-Social system in place, you are applying reasonable steps to control and protect your organisation from customers who use your Free Wi-Fi.

If you need to contact Wireless-Social about the IWF article or your Wireless-Social system, we’ll try and answer all your questions.

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