Wi-Fi 'pulls in the punters'




With upwards of four pubs a day closing their doors across Britain, it’s more important than ever for pubs to get their offering right for customers.

A recent study conducted by YouGov asked respondents to vote on the most important features of a pub; basing their questions on George Orwell’s definition from his 1946 book ‘Moon Under Water’. The top five pub features that respondents voted for were: ‘it serves meals’, ‘it has a beer garden’, ‘it has a fireplace’, ‘bar staff know regulars’ and ‘it sells snacks’.

However the survey omitted any mention of Wi-Fi in pubs and how vital this service is to customers across all age groups. Wi-Fi Solutions provider, Wireless Social have since highlighted the importance after analysing recent data across its broad range of hospitality clients.

It found that on average, 74% more people log into Wi-Fi in pub venues, than any other venues in the hospitality industry. In addition to this, pubs see 29% more unique users on their Wi-Fi network than other hospitality venues – which ultimately equates to more valuable data collection for pubs.

Wireless Social provides one such pub operator and family brewer; Wadworth with Wi-Fi solutions across their estate.

Mark Daniels, digital marketing manager at Wadworth commented: “In today’s connected society, and with the next generation of pub customers evermore reliant on an Internet connection, Wi-Fi is an essential feature for any pub looking to encourage customers to stay longer or to repeat custom. Today’s customers are very happy to log into free Wi-Fi using their social channels and Wireless Social provides a fantastic platform for our pubs to do this. Through this service we ensure we’re offering our pubs a best practice solution whilst protecting their network, and for their guests; a safe and secure way to access the internet.”

For those operators who think it’s just the Millennials and Gen Z’s who are web-obsessed, think again; data collected from pub companies across the period of a month highlighted that 18.6% of 35-54 year olds logged into Wi-Fi, meaning they were nearly as likely to log in as 18-24 year olds (19.4%). Showing that many customers, regardless of age, are using the service provided to stay connected whilst in the pub.

Julian Ross, managing director of Wireless Social, said: “Whilst other features highlighted in the YouGov survey are hugely important to pubs, it is time that operators started to listen to customers’ needs. With our insights we have highlighted the importance of Wi-Fi for all age groups, and as people continue to use the internet more and more, the need to have good Wi-Fi in pubs will only increase.”

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*Compared to any other hospitality venue



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