Wireless Social Fully Managed Service – Email Marketing Made Easy

Wireless Social’s brand new Fully Managed Service makes it easy for you to engage with every customer who visits your venue, encouraging them come back through your door again and again!  We’ve got the answer to hassle free and relevant marketing - with a Fully Managed Service we create your weekly email campaigns and save you time! 

Powerful Marketing Made Simple!

Take the hassle out of email marketing with our Fully Managed Service!  This powerful marketing package is a series of simple, logical steps to help you understand and engage with your customers.  It uses all the benefits of the Wireless Social solution to turn accurate social data capture into meaningful, targeted marketing campaigns tailored to your customers on a weekly basis.

Here’s how it works.  Visitors login to your WiFi via Facebook, Twitter or standard form with the Wireless Social solution in your venue.  Our service is the easiest way of capturing social information and the visit frequency of everyone who logs on to your WiFi. 

We then combine this relevant social information on your visitors with regular themed events and promotions held in your venue to create a targeted, personalised weekly email to all your customers. 

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The Benefits

Our Fully Managed Service is your simple solution to increasing customer visits and improving customer loyalty.

Get started with your Wireless Social Fully Managed Service and turn accurate information on your visitors into relevant marketing today – to find out more call 0800 561 0012 or Email enquiries@wireless-social.com

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