Wi-Fi for Festivals

Festivals present an amazing opportunity for free social Wi-Fi. People visiting the festival will be desperate to post updates to their friends on Facebook & Twitter. So you can enable them to use their social media with your free Wi-Fi, while promoting your festival and gaining invaluable marketing data for all your future promotions, including next year’s festival.  


Making free Wi-Fi pay for itself at your festivals

Festival-goers are out to enjoy themselves at an event they have looked forward to for months. They will want all their friends to know about this cool event and what they are missing out on. You can take full advantage of this audience by:


Getting Started with Free Wi-Fi

Using Wireless Social at your festival is very straight forward, but will need to be planned in advance to make sure full outdoor coverage is achieved. We send you Wi-Fi routers and extenders suitable for your venue that plug into your existing broadband supply.

Smaller festivals can be covered by just one Wi-Fi router in one specific WIFi location, so keeping your costs to a minimum. Larger locations will need greater coverage, but we have highly cost-effective solutions that do not require expensive cabling.  

To get more information about providing Free Wi-Fi in your festival venue contact us.

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