Wi-Fi for Restaurants

Providing free Wi-Fi for your customers encourages them to stay longer at their tables. This not only increases their spend by over 20%, it also means you can target them with special offers based on what they ordered.

What’s more, social Wi-Fi from Wireless Social enables you to multiply this extra value by encouraging more repeat visits from existing customers and their friends and family. See our restaurant Social Wi-Fi case study.

Free Wi-Fi as a powerful marketing tool

People who visit restaurants are likely to be locals, tourists or business people. Each of these groups can benefit from your Wi-Fi and will be receptive to different messages and promotions from you.

EastZEast has a chain of Punjabi Cuisine Restaurants. They said of Wireless Social:
“The data capture is great for us and has been a critical part in allowing us to target those who have visited us directly.” 

Read more about the EastZEast case study

Local customers

Customers living locally can be the most loyal and profitable customers you will ever have. With Wireless Social you can:


Customer Feedback

Pho, a chain of Vietnamese restaurants in London and the South East had amazing results within three months, with more than 4,000 lines of customer data being collected. The restaurants are now averaging over 100 log-ons per day, so with their planned growth this year they are aiming to have an incredible 50,000 lines of marketing data per year.

Pho said:
 “We rolled out Wireless Social in most of our restaurants and in under three months we've had great results. Now we are able to capture data from the customers who eat in our restaurants in a fast and effective way”

Read more about the Pho case study


If your location receives tourists you can gain more of their trade by:


Advertising your free Wi-Fi is a huge attraction to business users because:

People are increasingly influenced by online recommendations, so the importance of receiving positive ‘Likes’, ‘Follows’ and messages every day cannot be underestimated. 

Google is actively promoting businesses who build greater presence on social networking so you’ll be improving your search ranking along the way

Getting Started

Using Wireless Social in your restaurant is as easy as setting a table. We send you a new Wi-Fi router which plugs into your existing broadband and you’re almost done. We supply you with Free Wi-Fi window and wall stickers plus table promotion cards.

It costs less per month than a meal for two people and provides huge potential to increase revenues.

In most cases the entire restaurant can be covered by just one Wi-Fi router, so keeping your costs to a minimum.

To get more information about providing Free Wi-Fi in your restaurant contact us.

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