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Total Fitness is one of the UK's leading networks of health clubs with 16 superbly equipped gyms and a full range of facilities for every age and ability.

In addition to fitness equipment, each location also offers personal trainers, beauty salons and hair dressers. Additional facilities also include conference rooms, café and sports shop.


Getting started with Wireless Social

 Total Fitness wanted to know more about how and when their customers used the gyms, as well as growing their social media presence.  They also wanted to engage with non-members who used the gyms’ other facilities, like the shop and café.

Dean Rooney, Group IT Manager:
“We installed Wireless Social ourselves at all 16 locations in a matter of days – it really was very simple.” 

Social Wi-Fi Benefits

Since its introduction Total Fitness has seen:

“Over 4,000 unique users logged onto the system in our first month, giving us over 1,000 Facebook Likes."

The amazing performance of the first month has been maintained. After the second month in operation Wireless Social had grown their Facebook Likes from 14,000 to over 16,000, so adding 14% to an already impressive number in just 8 weeks.

 The daily use of the system has now grown to almost 600 per day. Gym members have become regular Wi-Fi users and each gym has become better at promoting the service to members and non-members alike.

Dean Rooney, Group IT Manager:
“We are delighted with the use of the social Wi-Fi system, especially the Facebook Likes and Twitter Follows it has generated. It’s also really useful to see how it is being used at our different locations.”

Technical Support

 For Dean, an important part of the reason for choosing Wireless Social was the technical support provided.

 “Right from the beginning I was impressed by the Wireless Social support team. They quickly understood how our existing setup worked and knew how their kit would fit in. They are always quick to respond to any issues I have, although their equipment has been very reliable and required very little attention.”

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