Hedgehog is the latest innovation from Wireless SocialĀ 

For brands:

  • Hedgehog is a new, cost-effective way for brands to segment customers and to communicate directly with your target audience.
  • Promotions are sent in real-time when customers arrive in the venues, placing a free drink in the hands of their guests as soon as they walk through the door. Right people, right place, right time.
  • Brands have access to a campaign platform where they set upĀ  their target audience from over 25M+ registered users from the Wireless Social network.
  • Whenever a guest that meets the chosen criteria enters a participating venue, they are automatically sent a voucher, featuring their message and brand.

For operators

  • Operators get full price for the promoted drinks
  • A simple way to generate more footfall and repeat visits
  • Improves loyalty
  • Enhances guest experience
  • A more streamlined way to run promotions
  • Use our advanced reporting engine to track the success of the promotion

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