Demographic data collection

12,000 unique users in less than ten months

Facebook likes

Impressive 5,200 Facebook Likes generated

Increased brand awareness

Gresham Inns wanted to increase awareness of his pub/hostel concept


Gresham Inns have three London venues which deliver a clever combination of traditional London pub and contemporary hostel. They provide a safe, clean and fun environment for guests seeking great value for money.

The pubs offer freshly cooked pub-style food, traditional beers and a modern range of coffees in a relaxed, cosmopolitan atmosphere. All this takes place within walking distance of some of London’s biggest tourist attractions including Hyde Park, Oxford St, Soho, Covent Garden, Notting Hill and Portobello markets.

Brendon Hider, Business Manager, Gresham Inns was keen to install Wireless Social in order to increase awareness of his pub/hostel concept, especially via social media.

Guest Wi-Fi Benefits

Wireless Social was first installed in one venue (the Pride of Paddington) in June 2014. The first thing Brendon Hider, Business Manager, Gresham Inns noticed was the ease of install. He says: “This system is ‘set and forget’. Once you have it wired and configured you rarely have to touch it again.”

He is equally impressed with the results, with every month averaging 1,000 Wi-Fi users. Around half of these users log-on to the Wi-Fi using Facebook and have generated the majority of the pub’s impressive 5,200 Facebook Likes.

Such has been the success of the first venue that Wireless Social was quickly added to their other two venues.

Altogether (across the 3 venues) there have been 20,000 Wi-Fi sessions, with 12,000 unique users in less than ten months.  The business benefits are not lost on Brendon.

Legal Benefits of Wireless Social

One aspect of Wireless Social is its ability to track unique identifying codes of devices used to access the Wi-Fi. So if illegal activity takes place on your Wi-Fi network (such a downloading pirate films or music) authorities are able to track down the relevant users from the data we provide.

This benefit became very important to Gresham Inns when they received a copyright infringement notice from one of the major international film distributors.

However, with Wireless Social system they had nothing to worry about. They contacted us and we were able to draft a letter for them to send back to the film distributor explaining how their Wi-Fi system works. We also made some bespoke modifications to his Wi-Fi set up in order to reduce vulnerability they had unique to their location.

“Each time a new customer logs onto our guest Wi-Fi our likes and exposure over social media increases…Excellent help from both the technical and sales side of the business. Quick replies and they work through with you to get the result you require.”

Brendon Hider, Business Manager